Slovenian Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine

The first successful general anaesthesia was performed by dr. Nathan as early as February 1847, that's only four months after first public presentation of general anaesthesia in history. 
Up to 2nd World War anaesthesia was given by surgeons and inurementaly nourses. 
After 1945 special courses for anaesthetists, started on the teritory of former Yugoslavia, first was given by a British anaesthetist. Since 1947 anaesthesiology in Slovenia has been aknowledged speciality.
Slovenian anaesthetists are associated in Slovenian Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine (SSAICM). It has been acting for over a 20 years. Furthermore they participate also in other interdisciplinary societies: Intensive Care Society, Slovenian Society for Pain Treatment, etc. 
SSAICM is an active participant in many national societies in Europe and also others societies and constitutions like European Academy, European Association of Anaesthetists, FEEA, European Society of Anaesthetists, CENSA, UEMS,...
SSAICM is also member of WFA, we are active participants of their assembly (every 4 years). Our most traditional collaboration is in Alpe-Jadran region. Anaesthetists from Croatia, Austria, Italy and Slovenia have been working together for 20 years. 
There are 200 anaesthetists working currently in 17 hospitals in Slovenia (10 anaesthetists on 100 000 inhabitants) in a fields of anaesthesiology, reanimatology, intensive care, pain treatment, perioperative medicine and respiratory physiotherapy.
The program of specialization is adjusted with European recommendations and its has been going on for a six years. 
Continuous education is organized regulary for different field of anaestesiology. SSAICM organizes national congress of anaesthesiology with international participation every 4 years. 
Meeting of anaesthetists from Alpe-Jadran region is going on every year, every for year we organize it. 
Every year runs also schooling of intensive medicine, congress of urgent medicine, seminars in field of pain treatment, which they are interdisciplinary, and difficult intubations courses.

Under the patronate of FEEA there has been continuous education going on since 1993, organized by the Clinical Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine from Ljubljana (head prof. dr. Vesna Paver-Erzen, MD)
Standards for the equipment and personal and in coordination with the European standards - in the ICU as well in the operating theatres. In the operating theatres there are usually one anesthetist and a nurse or technician.

At our deparment science is strongly promoted and there are several clinical studies going on at the moment. We also cooperate with the pharmaceutical industry from Slovenia and abroad.

This year (2001) we organized our 3rd Congress of Anaesthesiology with international participation with joint sessions of Veterinary Anesthesia. It will take place in Bled from 11th till 13th October.

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